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Inside The Anal Magazine...

Anal Basics: Doing It Right
The anus is an area of the body that's very high in nerve endings, which is why anal sex can be pleasurable. This is the ultimate guide to having the best anal sex ever!
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Anal Sex FAQ
Will my anus lose its elasticity and go floppy if I have too much anal? Does anal sex cause cancer? Should I use poppers? All the answers to your questions are here.
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Anal and Porn
One of the big reasons I created this site is because I'm really turned off by the way most porn treats anal sex. This article looks at the way anal sex gets a bum rap in porn.
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The Trouble With Anal
Let's face it. Anal sex isn't simple. The act of putting a penis into an asshole brings with it a truckload of cultural baggage and a lot of that is negative. This article discusses the problems faced by women who like anal.
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Anal Anecdotes
"I'd never admit it to my friends but I just love anal sex! It's such a different and exciting thing to do..." Real women tell why they enjoy butt fucking.
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Erotic Art
You'd be surprised at how often anal sex appears in classical art. Inside you'll find a selection of amazing anal-themed artworks.
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Inside The Anal Magazine...

Anal Sex Positions
What's the best position to enjoy anal sex? Check out the many possibilities and list the pros and cons of each one.
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Anal Movie Reviews
"I both loved and hated this movie, mainly because it's two things at once..." I review some good (and not so good) anal sex movies.
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Anal Dictionary
Backswing, pathicus, sotadism and the reach around. Discover new slang terms, euphemisms and an anal glossary...
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Good Anal Sex Movies
A selection of female friendly movies about anal or featuring hot anal scenes that aren't offensive.
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Anal Sex Toys
The best beads, plugs, and buzzy things for your butt, plus a few very weird things...
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Anal Sex Books
Advice, how-tos and a selection of steamy anal-themed erotic fiction...
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Porn Movies For Women
Recommendations of DVDs made with a horny female audience in mind.
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Smart and literate anal themed erotic fiction

Anal sex using a vibrator

Anal Virgin
This afternoon Jason is going to fuck my ass. Just thinking about it makes my pussy quiver, juices collecting among my folds. The hint of fear mixed with curiosity makes it sharper, more alluring...
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The Hot Guy Sandwich
I’ve always dreamed about fucking two guys at once. I call it the “hot guy sandwich” fantasy. I just adore the idea of two men giving their whole attention to me – and my cunt...
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“Disobedient, dirty girls need to be punished,” he said. “They have to understand their depraved nature so it can be corrected. You, my sweet, must learn your limits..."
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Lady Chatterley's Lover
Here's your chance to read the steamy anal sex scene from Lady Chatterley's Lover - that's right, the classic "dirty" novel is even filthier than you thought!
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